About Us

IRA Plus Southwest provides processing services for self-directed accounts with Liberty Trust Company, Ltd.  A self-directed IRA can invest in a wide variety of alternative investments including, but not limited to, real estate, oil and gas, limited partnerships, precious metals, and promissory notes secured by a deed of trust.  This type of IRA allows you more flexibility in choosing the investments that you want for your retirement.

IRA Plus Southwest was formed in 2005 by Stephen Pauley and Glen Martin.  The experience gained through their retirement consulting firm and many years in the retirement industry provided a unique background to work more closely with Individual Retirement Accounts.  Alternative investments and the self-directed model were not something new to them, as many of their retirement plan clients invested in alternative assets such as real estate, oil & gas, private placements and limited liability companies for years.  IRA Plus Southwest has worked with many different custodians over the years providing the processing services required to successfully service self-directed IRA clients.

At IRA Plus Southwest our helpful associates are ready to answer any questions you may have about your account.